Neso Esports is a gaming organization that brings together competitive gamers and content creators. Neso’s goal is to not just have highly skilled esports teams but to also create amazing content for their fans. We connect our community with our team.

Official Neso ESports Gaming Organization


An esports organization built on a massive network of content creators | Neso ESports

Neso Esports Gaming Organization

Exactly one month ago from today, Neso ESports was founded. Today we are 67 members strong with 2 Overwatch teams being formed. Our Grandmaster team is finishing up tryouts while our Platinum team is going to begin this week. We are growing fast, really fast. Here’s what’s coming up this next month:

  • Our Fornite team will be formed
  • Our Platinum Overwatch team will begin scrims
  • Weekly content from our Overwatch team
  • Neso Merch will be released

What is Neso ESports?

ESports is a brand new industry that is ripe for something special. We created an organization that is going to allow all of our community members, players, teams, and content creators to grow. With the help of our community, we know we will one day become one of, if not the biggest esports organization.

Some of our long-term plans are:
– Compete in all major esports games
– Create mid and top tier level teams
– Compete at large LAN tournaments
– Create engaging and entertaining content for our fans

Neso Esports is an esports organization built on top of a massive community of streamers.

A massive network of content creators

Neso is built on community. Every day new content creators are joining our community and learning how to improve their content. Streamers are networking with other streamers and getting shoutouts, tech tips, and growth tips. We see the impact we are making on the content creator community just within our discord. Many of our streamers are growing extremely fast and are gaining Twitch affiliate status within just a couple weeks after struggling for months to grow.

Top level esports teams

We are moving fast in the esports industry. Our goal is to build an organization that competes at the top level of all major esports games. Our players love gaming and want to do this full-time, so our goal is to give them the opportunity to make their dreams come to life. With the help of our streamer community, we will be able to bring our players to top-level play and bring them the training they need to get there. Currently, we are recruiting for:

  • Overwatch Grandmaster (Filled)
  • Overwatch Platinum (In Tryouts)
  • Fortnite Team 1 (Tryouts begin February)
  • Fortnite Team 2 (Tryouts begin February)
  • CS:GO Team (Tryouts start end of February)
  • Call of Duty Team (Tryouts begin March)
  • PUBG Team (Tryouts start March)
  • Team Manager (Overwatch)

Join our community today! Link:

Partner: Project Triton

Project Triton [XTRI] is developing innovative donation platforms for the Online Streaming and ESports industries through blockchain technology. They have also recently announced that they are developing a decentralized stablecoin, the Sao Dollar.

Triton has developed a streamer donation platform called Neptune. Neptune allows streamers to save a ton of money on donation fees, completely eliminates chargebacks, and even allows streamers to create an additional source of income at no cost and minimal effort.

To join the Neptune Beta visit:

Neso ESports and Project Triton are teaming up for a HUGE giveaway. Here is how you can get entered to win:

— Post your best gaming clip on Twitter
— Tag @NesoEsports and @ProjectTriton.
— Use #neptuneGiveaway
— Join Neso ESports Discord:

Top 3 clips win:
1st: $125
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

Prizes will be sent via Triton Cryptocurrency.

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