Neso Esports is a gaming organization that brings together competitive gamers and content creators. Neso’s goal is to not just have highly skilled esports teams but to also create amazing content for their fans. We connect our community with our team.

Our Mission

We believe in hustle: Work hard, work smart, see results.

We believe in the fight: Observe, strategize, execute.

We believe in winning: Hustle, fight, win.

Before we had even though about inviting our first team member to Neso, we established these core principles into our organization. We were hungry, knew where we want to be, and know how we are going to get there. Every day we are hustling because we know if we don’t someone else will beat us.

Every single one of our players, managers, and team members know these principles, and they live by them. They are some of the most motivated, hard-working, and talented people in this industry. Maybe they aren’t the most prominent names out there, but by working with us we know we can help them reach our goals, and they will help us achieve ours.

Our Mission:

We strive to build the greatest esports team by giving some of the best players out there a way to grow, become known and compete at their absolute best.

We strive to bring on some of the best content creators in this industry to ensure our fans know who we are, know who they are, and see what Neso is bringing to the table.

We strive to build the greatest esports community out there. Since day one our #1 focus has been our community members. Every day our players are coaching, supporting, and communicating with Neso fans. We see how important the interaction factor is in this industry, so we are going to push that harder than any other organization.

We strive to create a mass impact: This means we want to positively impact the esports industry, our players, our managers, our team members, our competitors, and our fans. We are bringing something new and impactful to this industry.

Just wait, don’t be surprised if Neso becomes a household name.


Thomas D. Parker


Joshua Gutteridge


Harrison Hesslink


GearheadNY (Jason Fera)

Business Advisor



Creators Manager


Community Manager


EU Overwatch Manager


Overwatch Assistant Manager


CS:GO Manager