Neso Esports is a gaming organization that brings together competitive gamers and content creators. Neso’s goal is to not just have highly skilled esports teams but to also create amazing content for their fans. We connect our community with our team.

Official Neso ESports Gaming Organization


Neso is recruiting for an Apex Legends Team

What is Neso?
Neso is a new gaming organization (2 months old) that is focused on competitive gaming and content creation. We are building a community of YouTubers, Streamers, Bloggers, Video Editors, Writers, Casual Gamers, Competitive Gamers, and Professional Gamers. In just 2 months we have already grown to 175 community members and have 4 teams; an Overwatch team, an Overwatch Academy team, a Fortnite team, and a creators team.

Our number one focus as an organization is to positively impact peoples lives by bringing them great content, having incredible teams, recruiting talented players, and helping content creators get their feet wet in this competitive space. We want more than incredible esports teams. We want to create a brand that is known their positive impact and their incredible teams. If you are interested in getting into the competitive scene for this new game, then we want you!

We are looking for
– Talent
– Motivated Individuals
– Streamers and/or YouTubers
DM on discord if you are interested

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